Whole or Ground Gourmet Pepperberry Leaf

Whole Pepper Leaves;

(For cooking similar to bay leaves)The pepper leaves are hand sorted, washed and sun dried on racks, then package into satchels. (Use as bay leaves only they have some heat) Our leaf whole leaf is picked by hand (not cut with hedge clippers) is hand sorted hand washed and dried.

All for only $2.50 per 2gm satchel, plus postage and handling.

Fine Ground Pepper Leaves;

(For pepper shakers or use as hot curry)The pepper leaves are hand sorted, washed and sun dried on racks, then placed in an electric grinder then a hand grinder to make the leave similar to curry powder before being package into satchels.

All for only $6.00 per 40gm satchel, plus postage and handling.

The images: (Above left) The pepperberry leaf before drying. (Above right) Dryed and ground pepperberry leaf.

The leathery leaves of mountain pepper contain hot-tasting compounds (polygodials) resulting in an unusual fragrant, spicy flavour. The berries initially have a sweet taste, which is closely followed by an intense pungency, giving way to a sensation of numbness. The leaves and berries are currently used in Australia to add a spicy bush food flavour to many foods. They are used to flavour curries, cheeses, wines, salad dressings and some boutique alcoholic beverages and as a substitute for black pepper.

Research on this species has revealed that the polygodials present in mountain pepper have unique anti-microbial and antifungal properties. It is thought that mountain pepper may have economic potential as a herbal medicine, as it is closely related to a South American species used for preparing a rare herbal remedy.